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What do I get in my registration pack?

After registering to go Speechless, you will receive an email from us including:


  •  Your ‘Communication Kit’: a printable collection of the only words that will be used to communicate for the duration of your pledge.

  •  A printable information card to give to others, explaining why you are speechless

  • Information on how to set up a fundraising page to have your friends and family support you in finding a cure for Rett Syndrome

communication kit thumbnail.JPG

What are these ‘words’ and how do I use them?

The ‘Communication Kit’ is a collection of 20 simple words or phrases for you to use while you are Speechless. For the duration of your pledge, we ask you to communicate solely by pointing to the pictures on this sheet. Take it with you everywhere, as it is your only means of participating in conversations of any kind.


No talking, no texting and no typing.
And no passing secret hand written notes either!


It will be challenging, but consider this:  many people with Rett Syndrome are unable to speak, but also unable to point or even nod or shake their head.  (Your challenge doesn’t seem so bad now, does it?)

How can I do this when I am working?

We know that talking, typing and texting is essential to the day to day of most workplaces, but here are some ideas that might work in your environment:


  • Turn off your phone and email for the duration of your pledge and communicate solely by text messages.

  • Make this a team exercise:  ask all your colleagues to join you in working together by using one simple method of communication only: maybe Whatsapp or Team messages. 

  • Ask your colleagues and friends to sponsor you and raise funds to help us cure Rett Syndrome - see below on details on setting up a fundraising page, such as mycause or everyday hero.

  • Make sure you let everyone know why you are going Speechless- what a great opportunity to raise awareness about Rett Syndrome at your organisation


Don’t forget to contact us  at Speechless ( if you would like more information or resources about Rett Syndrome to share with your workplace.


How can I use my Speechless Pledge to raise funds for Rett Syndrome?


We’re so glad you asked!


Simply sign up to one of our fundraising platforms listed below to raise money the Rett Syndrome Association of Australia, create your page, and then share far and wide to ask people to sponsor your Speechless effort.   

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mycause logo.jpg
gofundraise logo.png

If you need any help, simply contact us at  and we will walk you through the process step by step.

I didn’t receive my Communication Kit email

Please check your spam mail folders in case it slipped in there by mistake. Don’t forget you can add us to your address book:

Got another question?

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