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Speechless Teachers

A unique and rewarding way to develop your knowledge of complex communication needs.

If you are a teacher, learning support person or allied health professional supporting people with complex communication needs, the Speechless challenge is sure to be a profound learning experience.

By going 'speechless,'  you will:

  • Experience first hand the challenges of non-speaking communication

  • Build your augemtative alternative communication modelling skills

  • Improve your skills as a communication partner

  • Spread awareness of communication differences, and Rett Syndrome

  • Earn teacher identified Professional Learning points for your TQI accreditation*

*This may depend on your jurisdiction, please check for your individual circumstances.

To register as a speechless teacher and receive your communication kit, please email 

NB:  Registration fee will be waivered for all educators doing the speechless challenge in 2023

"Its only for one day...people with Rett Syndrome live this...I would recommend taking this challenge.  I learned so much and intend to do it again next year."

- Jan, Speechless SLSO 2021

"DO IT! Zero regrets....then you really can appreciate just how hard these students are working...and how amazing they truly are." 

- Jenny, Speechless Teacher 2022

"...such a wonderful learning opportunity, it's given me great insight....I will take what I've learned and put it into practice in the classroom." 

- Lara, Speechless LSA 2022

Speechless Classrooms

This October, join us in learning about disability and different forms of communication

as we mark Rett Syndrome Awareness month 2023.

Invite your class to join us in going ‘speechless’ at school for a short period of time, as a way of deepening their understanding and acceptance of those living with complex communication needs and/or severe disability.

Share our message of acceptance, understanding and hope

 with your students, classmates and your school community.

When you register your speechless classroom, you will receive a resource pack including:

  • An information booklet, including suggestions for lesson plans and activities

  • Links to online videos and content to include in your lesson

  • "My friend has Rett Syndrome" colouring-in booklet

  • Visuals for students to use when participating in their speechless challenge.

speechless classroom plan_edited.jpg

To register as a speechless classroom, please email 

NB:  Registration fee will be waivered for all educators doing the speechless classroom in 2023

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